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This site has been developed using free resources available on the internet. We are extremely grateful to Google for free blogging & document/ photo/ video sharing facility, provided by them. We are also thankful to our samaj bandhavas, sponsors & advertisers for their wholehearted support in all our activities.


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We decided to create & maintain this site, so that we are able to reach all our samaj bandhavas throughout the world, quickly & effectively. The site will also provide a free platform (a mouth-piece) to all those who wish to share their ideas, thoughts, needs, joys & sorrows with the rest. You can participate by providing the content, reading the contents & giving your valuable feedback & suggestions.


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Tell your relatives & friends about this site & help us to give this site a wide publicity. More interesting & informative we make this E-book, more the visitors we can expect at our site. So, grab this is opportunity & share your ideas & thoughts.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

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